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How Is Diwali Celebrated - Best Ways To Celebrate Diwali Holidays 2018 in UK

Posted by   Sahil Kanojiya

Diwali or Deepawali is a festival that marks the triumph of good over evil. This day is remembered for the celebrations after being victorious from a pool of hardships.

Joyous celebration all around the world, especially amongst Indians, is observed for this five day long festivals.

Among those celebrations, people often end up doing things that might be detrimental to the people and to the environment.

So let us take a pledge to celebrate this Diwali by causing no harm to anyone and spreading happiness worldwide. Here are a few ways by which we can make our festive season wonderful and memorable.

Best ways to celebrate Diwali

Clean your house and surroundings:

To begin with, let us start by eliminating all the waste and rubbish from the surroundings. Start by cleaning your home by taking a few days off from work to prepare for this auspicious festival.

Ask your neighbors and relatives to do the same so that all around you it might look neat and tidy all around.

Give all the useless items to poor

Make a list of all the items that you don't need and are useless to you. Donate it to the less fortunate so they might have reason to smile.

The things you might not need might be a lifesaver for them. So, provide the poor with food and clothing and ensure that they also have a cheerful festive season.

Decorate Organically.

Spread the feeling of Diwali by decorations at your house and society.

Say No to plastic and other harmful materials as a decorative but instead use earthen lamps and balloons to light up the whole area.

Visit your native hometown

There is no better feeling in the world than to be at home among family and friends during the festival.

Just take time off work and visit your grandparents and family and celebrate this festival of light. Invite everyone to have dinner and make memories that will be remembered forever.

Handwritten Wishes

In this fast-paced world where there is no time to spare, just for a day or two try to switch to slow lanes.

Wish your closed ones using traditional ways like handwritten notes and cards. This will bring a whole new level of enthusiasm and happiness that can be given by nothing else.

Buy gifts for everyone

Buy your loved one's things that they desire as by doing so you might lit up sparks in the dull lives and make the relations stronger.

Do not forget to gift yourself as this festive season you need to be rewarded for these efforts of celebrating Diwali with a new approach.

Visit an orphanage or old age homes

There are a lot of people who have no one of their own. Visit the local orphanage/old age homes and do not let these people get lonely and depressed during the Diwali.

Accompany your family to these orphanages so that they might feel overwhelmed and would shower their blessings upon you and your family.

Wear traditional dresses

To enlighten the spirit of Diwali wear traditional dresses and try putting some traditional folk music to set up the mood.

Sweets and Dishes

Gather around and prepare delicious food and sweets. Spread happiness and love by sharing those among the close ones.

If possible get together to make these foods together and share life experiences and make your Diwali memorable.


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