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Idli Mix by Chitale (200gm)


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Indian Basket
Desi_Idli Mix by Chitale (200gm)

Product Details

Add one volume of instant idly mix with 1 1/2volumes of water and mix into a batter without lumps, allow to stand without disturbing for 10mins, Apply slightly oil to a set of idli moulds and then pour batter into each mould, steam cook idlies for `15mins as usual , Allow idlies to cool for a minute or 2 min, after removal from the steaming vessel before serving.


Stir batter to a minimum extent , while handling otherwise idlies may become hard,

Follow directions for use carefully to get best result Keep instant idli mix in a cool dry place and free from odours

You can make 14-15 idlis out of this 200 g pack serve with coconut chatani or sambar

Ingredients: Rice flour, black gram flour, edible salt, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid