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Art Exhibition: Reboot By Shivinder


15 Augustus, 2018 06:00 PM - 24 September, 2018 09:00 PM 2018-08-15 18:00:00 2018-09-24 21:00:00 Europe/London Art Exhibition: Reboot By Shivinder Karma Sanctum Soho London,20 Warwick Street,London,W1B 5NF

Karma Sanctum Soho London,20 Warwick Street,London,W1B 5NF

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Cocktail Reception with the artist 15th August, 6pm - 10pm

Artist who died and was revived reveals snapshots of life beyond death in breath-taking and extraordinary digital images

Reboot at The Sanctum Hotel, London, (August 15 – September 24) is the latest exhibition from Indian-born London-based artist Shiv Grewal, whose life was smashed to pieces when his near-death experience of a cardiac arrest left him in a month-long coma five years ago.

Reboot is a rare insight into the oldest and most profound question of all; what happens when we die …? Highly reflective digital artworks printed on aluminium powerfully capture Shiv’s remarkable story and vision that ‘this world is just a fraction of what there is’. He strives to capture the shapes and experiences he encountered during his coma and in his ongoing recovery, and reconcile them with his everyday life.

Shiv said: “Reboot seeks to move on from my recovery, which of course is ongoing. Move on to a new vantage point where after five years, I can correlate a new set of (always shifting) circumstances, which might allow me to move forward… I am pushing for a new connection with a new world.

“The artworks engage in the familiar tropes that have obsessed me my whole life, used both as a metaphor and as a map of rediscovery. Tropes of science fiction float and fuse with personal memories and digital futuristic landscapes, recognisable and unfamiliar patterns of architecture, mechanics and biology. The artworks are a portal into another world and ask the viewer to look further.”

Reboot is a must-see exhibition offering an extraordinary insight into the neurological and spiritual experiences of leaving this world and coming back into it again.