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Are You Really Safe On Facebook ?

Posted by   Sahil Kanojiya

Though Artificial Intelligence is the next step into the future. But what if this giant leap of faith is leading to a possible threat to privacy and security?

Yes, it is true.

A few days back facebook announced a portal, its own Facebook Portal for video chats in order to compete for the race for the digital assistant like Amazon's Alexa.

This Facebook Video Chat portal comes along with the Facebook messenger that enables you all the cool features like making calls, sending messages, home automation and much more.

A very special feature that Facebook Video Portal has is that it automatically adjusts the focus on the users and track them even when they move. This cutting-edge technology has created a whole new buzz around the digital assistants.

But as we say there are two faces of a coin, similarly this futuristic technology has a very big flaw and that is that your privacy is a matter of concern.

It turns out that Facebook has planned on using the data collected via its Video Chat Portal to deliver targeted ads on Facebook. All the actions like call logs and data logs are recorded and are further used for the purposes of delivering advertisement, which is what Facebook claims.

But, a very big question arises here that is it that can you trust Facebook enough to keep these portals at home in the living room or kitchen?

We know that technology has been evolved to new heights but still is it trustworthy enough to invite a live camera in your living room? When you don't even know who is watching on the other end.

It is just similar to a spy camera recording all the activities and keeping a record of it.

Facebook claims that the data is solely used for the purpose of targeted advertisement, but what if it falls into the wrong hands?

Initially, Facebook stated that “No data is collected through Portal, not even the call logs and application data. But changing its statement saying that -

" Facebook Video Portal doesn’t have ads, but data about who you call and data about which apps you use on Portal can be used to target you with ads on other Facebook-owned properties."

To top things off there is news all around that the accounts on the portal have been hacked during the launch of the product which raises a few questions that whether our privacy is safe or not.

Features Of Facebook Portal

As told earlier the device comes with all the futuristic needs. Looking at it seems that the portal is specifically designed keeping in mind the wide usage of smartphones for videos calling, instead of laptops or desktop.

It comes with an inbuilt high definition 12 megapixels camera, that can cover over a 140-degree wide view which is enough to cover the whole room.

It has a nice spot focus feature that specifically tracks any single individual as per requirement.

TheSmart camera mode automatically detects any new individual entering the room and adjusts the resolutions accordingly.

Apart from that, the Facebook Portal comes with a bunch of cool filters and effects that will make the video calling feature fun to use.


The device is yet to go on sale, but it is expected that in November you will be able to buy the Facebook Portal.

Everything is fine but the Only Big question that remains is that - "Do you trust Facebook enough that you willing to risk your privacy"?


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